Christmas Eve Skies

I keep an eye on the wid­get that shows a weath­er loop of the Pacif­ic Ocean. It’s often a good indi­ca­tor of the kind of weath­er that we can expect here. This indi­ca­tor of wind and cloud move­ments has shown most of the storms that have even­tu­al­ly made land­fall here in the Pacif­ic North­west. There have been 4 big ones in the past months, includ­ing a howl­ing mon­ster that brought hav­oc and pow­er out­ages to Seat­tle and blew out 1/4 of the trees in Stan­ley Park. This infor­ma­tion has left me a bit — uneasy, shall we say? — as I see this on my screen this afternoon:

Satellite view of the Pacific

Now, I’m no expert, but this looks like pret­ty rough stuff for both San­ta’s sleigh and our coast. Since I have a very impor­tant flight east­ward in about 2 days, I hope this thing looks worse than it actu­al­ly is. After all, as I said, I’m no expert.