Land For Sale

Our brook

Beau­ti­ful­ly wood­ed estate qual­i­ty par­cel with mature maples and pines, moun­tain stream, and pleas­ant Green Moun­tain views with clearing.

So reads the descrip­tion for any­one inter­est­ed in acquir­ing the land that we would have built a house on if we had stayed in the US. We’ll no doubt vis­it Wait­s­field, Ver­mont, a vil­lage near Sug­ar­bush and the Mad Riv­er Val­ley ski areas, but we will nev­er live there. The list­ing can be found on,,, and Back in 2002 I took some pic­tures of the place, the trees, the brook and our­selves there.

It’s some­times hard to imag­ine ‘the road not tak­en’, but I’ve nev­er had such a con­crete exam­ple of one. Still, I can’t say that we live in a place with any less phys­i­cal beau­ty (although today being the dark­est and short­est day of the year does­n’t present it in much good light). It’s just dif­fer­ent. A dif­fer­ent road, dif­fer­ent coun­try, dif­fer­ent life entirely.

I hope who­ev­er does end up get­ting this land enjoys it and is good back to it. It is a love­ly spot, and hope­ful­ly will not be turned into a devel­op­ment any time in our lifetime.