In my Lifetime

I was born in 1960. That puts me very near the end of the Baby boom (my broth­er actu­al­ly arrived at the very last ‘offi­cial’ year of it). The fact that this par­tic­u­lar year is grad­u­al­ly becom­ing ‘a long time ago’ took anoth­er step today when I saw a humor­ous image from some­one mus­ing about what Google would have looked like as a ser­vice in 1960, giv­en the tech­nol­o­gy avail­able at the time. Holy Inter­nets, Bat­man! I know I was a new­born then, but you’d think there were cov­ered wag­ons cross­ing the Great Plains and the pock­et cal­cu­la­tor had­n’t even been invent­ed yet. Well, actu­al­ly that sec­ond one is true.
Got­ta love that response time to queries. I won­der if you had to include a self-addressed stamped envelope.