The Vancouver Sun and Reaffirming Gay Marriage

The Van­cou­ver Sun picked up the Op Ed yes­ter­day. I guess it made sense, since it was a local who wrote the piece. One fun thing about that is that some­one at my office sent me a link to it (you can only read it online if some­one does that), and along with a more-or-less exact visu­al ren­der­ing of the page, they also include a sound file with a syn­thet­ic speech read­ing of it. I cap­tured the file to disk and could post it here, if any­one’s inter­est­ed (just let me know). The com­put­er voice was not that of Stephen Hawk­ing or one of the Mac OS voic­es one often hears. Instead, it was a fair­ly real­is­tic female voice, and it even pro­nounced my last name, as well as ‘Mara Lias­son’ cor­rect­ly! The paper must have it main­ly for their blind read­er­ship, but it is impres­sive, all the same. It’s a pity that the Sun requires that you pay a sub­scrip­tion to read (or have read to you) the whole paper online.

Anoth­er Rea­son to Stay
Remem­ber how I came to the con­clu­sion that the entire polit­i­cal spec­trum here was gen­er­al­ly to the left of the coun­try to the south of us? It was proven once again today, when the Par­lia­ment vot­ed down a motion by some Con­ser­v­a­tives to reopen the debate on Gay Mar­riage in Cana­da. Even sev­er­al con­ser­v­a­tives who were on the los­ing side said ‘It’s over, let’s move on.’ Stephen Harp­er, with a stone face, told the cam­eras: “We made a promise to do this, and we ful­filled that promise.” He stopped short of say­ing: ‘See, I told you this was­n’t doing either you Reli­gious Con­ser­v­a­tives or me any good.’, but he may have been think­ing that. It was­n’t his best day.

It was a stark con­trast to the 7 states in the mid-term elec­tion that actu­al­ly made it unlaw­ful: Col­orado, Ida­ho, South Car­oli­na, South Dako­ta, Ten­nessee, Vir­ginia, and Wis­con­sin. Only Ari­zona vot­ed down their bal­lot initiative.

While we were proud to live in the only state that made gay mar­riage legal in the US (Mass­a­chu­setts), it’s even bet­ter to be liv­ing in a coun­try that clear­ly agrees with us, with no apolo­gies or pock­ets here where it’s illegal.

2 Replies to “The Vancouver Sun and Reaffirming Gay Marriage”

  1. Be thank­ful that the debates over. We’ll see, though, if the oth­er polit­i­cal par­ties will stop slam­ming the Con­ser­v­a­tive’s “hid­den agen­da” regard­ing same-sex mar­riage. Some­how, I don’t think the rhetoric will be any less shrill come elec­tion time.

  2. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, cam­paigns use what ammu­ni­tion they have. If they want to use the oth­er side’s views as a cud­gel, then all’s fair and all that. You’d think that can­di­dates would even­tu­al­ly get the mes­sage that poi­son­ing the polit­i­cal ecosys­tem with neg­a­tive cam­paign­ing is bad in the long run, but the temp­ta­tion to grab votes with attack ads is just too great, and telling the pub­lic to ‘just say no’ to neg­a­tive cam­paign­ing won’t stop them any more than preach­ing absti­nence will pre­vent unwant­ed babies.

    The best we can do is have an active Press corps that can wade through the muck and bet­ter edu­cat­ed vot­ers that can see past it. Nei­ther of those were true in my for­mer home. I’m hop­ing Cana­da can do a bet­ter job of it — I sus­pect they can.

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