Worst is Not Bad Enough

The Wash­ing­ton Post has not 1 but 2 arti­cles regard­ing the fact that Bush will, with­out a doubt, be regard­ed as either one of the worst or the very worst US Pres­i­dent in his­to­ry. Read here and here. This quote from the first one by Eric Fon­er, the DeWitt Clin­ton Pro­fes­sor of His­to­ry at Colum­bia Uni­ver­si­ty pret­ty much sums it up:

His­to­ri­ans are loath to pre­dict the future. It is impos­si­ble to say with cer­tain­ty how Bush will be ranked in, say, 2050. But some­how, in his first six years in office he has man­aged to com­bine the laps­es of lead­er­ship, mis­guid­ed poli­cies and abuse of pow­er of his failed pre­de­ces­sors. I think there is no alter­na­tive but to rank him as the worst pres­i­dent in U.S. history.

Worst Pres­i­dent in US His­to­ry (or, as I will hence­forth refer to him: WPIUSH) will have to do for now, until we can come up with some­thing that ful­ly cap­tures the awful­ness of the man, his lack of accom­plish­ments, and the depths to which he’s dragged the US (and the World).

Rolling Stone ran a cov­er sto­ry on this sub­ject some time ago. I’m sure we’ll see plen­ty more before the end of his term.

On the bright side, at least WPIUSH can be a ‘Uniter, not a Divider’ on one thing before he leaves office!

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  1. I think Bush has been a dis­as­ter. The only prob­lem is, I get the sense that many peo­ple take a per­verse plea­sure in his every fail­ure, not quite real­iz­ing that Amer­i­ca’s tragedy is also the world’s. Bush’s mis­takes aren’t any­thing to gloat about, since Amer­i­ca’s ene­mies are not so quick to dis­tin­guish between the US and oth­er West­ern coun­tries, let alone Bush and the divid­ed Amer­i­can population.

  2. The gloat­ing (and there is plen­ty of it) may be part­ly a back­lash against those who demo­nized (and con­tin­ue to demo­nize) the Left in the US. To be against Bush and/or the war in Iraq was to be against the troops and a trai­tor to the coun­try. The plea­sure that so many take in see­ing the Repub­li­cans’ slow-motion fall is part­ly a sense that there is some jus­tice, albeit too late to save the thou­sands who have died already. How­ev­er, Fox News and com­men­ta­tors like Bill O’Reil­ly, Rush Lim­baugh and Ann Coul­ter con­tin­ue to equate the left with evil, and as long as they make a healthy liv­ing doing this, the bad feel­ings on both sides will continue.

    For me, I only know that the dam­age that the cur­rent occu­pant of the White House did to my for­mer home and its stand­ing in the world is greater than any­thing in my mem­o­ry, and I sus­pect that he will rank up there with The Great Depres­sion as one of the worst dis­as­ters ever to hit the coun­try. That, in the end, may be the most appro­pri­ate account­ing of his sta­tus in his­to­ry. While I will dance in the street the day he leaves office, my glee won’t last long. The dam­age will be permanent.

    As for the real ene­mies of the US not being able to dis­tin­guish between Bush and the coun­try as a whole, it reminds me of how Amer­i­cans had prob­lems dis­tin­guish­ing the Sovi­et Union’s lead­ers from the cit­i­zens of that coun­try. I some­times won­der if for­eign press say the same ‘…but when you speak to the aver­age per­son on the street…’ speech about how the peo­ple aren’t as hor­ri­ble as their lead­ers. One can only hope.

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