Worst is Not Bad Enough

The Washington Post has not 1 but 2 articles regarding the fact that Bush will, without a doubt, be regarded as either one of the worst or the very worst US President in history. Read here and here. This quote from the first one by Eric Foner, the DeWitt Clinton Professor of History at Columbia University pretty much sums it up:

Historians are loath to predict the future. It is impossible to say with certainty how Bush will be ranked in, say, 2050. But somehow, in his first six years in office he has managed to combine the lapses of leadership, misguided policies and abuse of power of his failed predecessors. I think there is no alternative but to rank him as the worst president in U.S. history.

Worst President in US History (or, as I will henceforth refer to him: WPIUSH) will have to do for now, until we can come up with something that fully captures the awfulness of the man, his lack of accomplishments, and the depths to which he’s dragged the US (and the World).

Rolling Stone ran a cover story on this subject some time ago. I’m sure we’ll see plenty more before the end of his term.

On the bright side, at least WPIUSH can be a ‘Uniter, not a Divider’ on one thing before he leaves office!