Crazy Weather Continues

Snow on our patio
First it was the rain. We expect­ed that. Then the mud­slides that turned the water brown. OK, we’ve had bad tap water before in Cam­bridge. But one thing we thought we’d left behind in New Eng­land was snow. Lots of it. Big, fluffy, wet flakes that are sticking.

Pam real­ly had her heart set on the Cul­ture Crawl, but I’m sure that the orga­niz­ers of the event (which is essen­tial­ly walk­ing through a neigh­bor­hood where a lot of artists and crafts­peo­ple live and work, and whose stu­dios are open) are won­der­ing why it always takes place dur­ing the worst sin­gle patch of weath­er of the year.

No mat­ter, we are home and warm, with plans to cook a Pheas­ant tonight. Pam spied one at the mar­ket the oth­er day and decid­ed that a plump game bird was just the tick­et for a cold Novem­ber night. Don’t know if we are going to serve it ‘under glass’, but I think some oth­er del­i­ca­cies are in order. Let’s see: Chest­nuts, wild rice, per­haps some more exot­ic green vegetables?

2 Replies to “Crazy Weather Continues”

  1. That’s it? You should see my yard!

    Did either of you make it to work this morn­ing? I am wor­ried about get­ting there tomorrow… 🙁

  2. I know, it looks pret­ty pid­dling com­pared to the piles of it east of the city. It did build up. We thought that Pam’s fish (4 small Koi/Goldfish/Carp) were goners, but she claims she’s seen them alive.

    We made it fine, thanks to pub­lic tran­sit, although it was­n’t pretty.

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