Brooms from Baltimore

Brooms from Baltimore
Brooms from BaltimoreBrooms from Bal­ti­more,
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Each of my Par­ents were on two of 300-some pho­tos on Michael Moore’s Flickr col­lec­tion, pos­ing (as so many oth­er’s did) with a broom on Elec­tion Day. It’s nice to know that we all did some sweeping.

I’m real­ly sur­prised that the Democ­rats recap­tured both the House and the Sen­ate. Joseph Biden sug­gest­ed that this was a repu­di­a­tion of Repub­li­can dom­i­na­tion since 1984 (I won­der what Bill Clin­ton would think of that?)

At any rate, I’m proud of them, and was glad that the US has start­ed the long road back to sanity.

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