I think I’ve got­ten most of the ‘Oh woe is me, my Work Per­mit is due to expire’ out of my sys­tem, and despite the dreary weather, there is plenty to be pos­i­tive about.


  1. It’s Elec­tion day today, and hope­fully the Democ­rats will take back some of Con­gress. It prob­a­bly won’t be the Sen­ate, but at least the House of Rep­re­sen­ta­tives is due to return back to Demo­c­ra­tic rule for the first time in… is it 12 years? What­ever it’s been, it’s been a long time. This doesn’t mean that Pam and I will be head­ing back South again. We’re here, we’re nearly legal, and we’re stay­ing put, vis­i­tor sta­tus or not.
  2. Yes­ter­day Pam got her Police Cer­tifi­cate from Mass­a­chu­setts! That’s one down, two to go. Col­lect all three and you win the jack­pot: Per­ma­nent Res­i­dency (even­tu­ally). Hope springs eter­nal, but let’s hope this doesn’t take place in Spring.
  3. I’ve got plenty of things to get done in the com­ing months. There’s a bed­room to repaint (never did that room when we moved into our condo). I’m also going to make a con­certed effort to clean up my office. (It’s amaz­ing how clut­tered it got in 14 months). There is a bunch of stuff I want to sell on Ebay (mostly elec­tron­ics that are either out-of-date, not needed (like a Satel­lite Receiver and a Net­work Hub), or bro­ken, and now I’ll have the time to take care of it. I also need to move ‘The Kendall Group’ web site to British Colum­bia (and make it a proper web site, with blog and other more cur­rent features).
  4. A while back we planned a trip down to see my niece dance in the Pacific North­west Ballet’s The Nut­cracker.
    That’ll be fun, as the fam­ily bal­le­rina, along with a bunch of other lit­tle girls in tutus, takes to the stage in Seat­tle in about a month, which calls for a fam­ily reunion. Her Aunt and Uncle will be happy to see her oper­ate the canon in the bat­tle between the Nutcracker’s army and the mice.
  5. Mac­world Expo is com­ing up in San Fran­cisco in Jan­u­ary, and again, that’s been planned and reser­va­tions have been made far in advance. Since I missed what some have dubbed ‘Wood­stock for Smart Peo­ple’ last year, I’m look­ing for­ward to renew­ing my almost annual pil­grim­age in 2007. I’ve got a lot of old friends to recon­nect up with.

That’s a few so far. There’ll be more. Noone ever said that I was a Pollyanna, but I’m sure there are a few sil­ver lin­ings in all of these clouds (real or situational).

Update: I’ve since learned that my niece will not be pulling or shoot­ing a canon of any kind, but she will be hold­ing a gun (a rifle, I believe). She made it clear that it’s a prop, but given the US’s love firearms, I hope she keeps what­ever looks like a safety on. You’d think with a bal­let like The Nut­cracker that the artillery would be kept to a minimum.