Enough Whining

I think I’ve gotten most of the ‘Oh woe is me, my Work Permit is due to expire’ out of my system, and despite the dreary weather, there is plenty to be positive about.


  1. It’s Election day today, and hopefully the Democrats will take back some of Congress. It probably won’t be the Senate, but at least the House of Representatives is due to return back to Democratic rule for the first time in… is it 12 years? Whatever it’s been, it’s been a long time. This doesn’t mean that Pam and I will be heading back South again. We’re here, we’re nearly legal, and we’re staying put, visitor status or not.
  2. Yesterday Pam got her Police Certificate from Massachusetts! That’s one down, two to go. Collect all three and you win the jackpot: Permanent Residency (eventually). Hope springs eternal, but let’s hope this doesn’t take place in Spring.
  3. I’ve got plenty of things to get done in the coming months. There’s a bedroom to repaint (never did that room when we moved into our condo). I’m also going to make a concerted effort to clean up my office. (It’s amazing how cluttered it got in 14 months). There is a bunch of stuff I want to sell on Ebay (mostly electronics that are either out-of-date, not needed (like a Satellite Receiver and a Network Hub), or broken, and now I’ll have the time to take care of it. I also need to move ‘The Kendall Group’ web site to British Columbia (and make it a proper web site, with blog and other more current features).
  4. A while back we planned a trip down to see my niece dance in the Pacific Northwest Ballet’s The Nutcracker.
    That’ll be fun, as the family ballerina, along with a bunch of other little girls in tutus, takes to the stage in Seattle in about a month, which calls for a family reunion. Her Aunt and Uncle will be happy to see her operate the canon in the battle between the Nutcracker’s army and the mice.
  5. Macworld Expo is coming up in San Francisco in January, and again, that’s been planned and reservations have been made far in advance. Since I missed what some have dubbed ‘Woodstock for Smart People’ last year, I’m looking forward to renewing my almost annual pilgrimage in 2007. I’ve got a lot of old friends to reconnect up with.

That’s a few so far. There’ll be more. Noone ever said that I was a Pollyanna, but I’m sure there are a few silver linings in all of these clouds (real or situational).

Update: I’ve since learned that my niece will not be pulling or shooting a canon of any kind, but she will be holding a gun (a rifle, I believe). She made it clear that it’s a prop, but given the US’s love firearms, I hope she keeps whatever looks like a safety on. You’d think with a ballet like The Nutcracker that the artillery would be kept to a minimum.