Berry Picking on Westham Island

We went to the Emma Lea (I assume it’s pro­nounced like ‘Emi­ly’) U‑Pick farm in West­ham Island, which is real­ly part of Delta, a very rur­al sub­urb of Van­cou­ver (these days those kinds of areas are called ex-urbs, which is to des­ig­nate a sub­urb that is so far away that its no longer as tied to the city that it is sup­posed to be the ‘bed­room com­mu­ni­ty’ of.

After pick­ing up Oana’s friend Chris­tine in New West Min­ster, we drove down past sev­er­al farms, over a 1‑car-at-a-time bridge, and turned right into a farm stand and U‑Pick. Although straw­ber­ries are pret­ty much over,( I did man­age to sim­ply buy a bunch at the end) the berries that were ready this week­end were all exot­i­cal­ly named cousins of the black­ber­ry (and per­haps rasp­ber­ry) fam­i­ly: Tay­ber­ries, Mer­rion Berries (no, that is not a joke) and Boy­sen­ber­ries. I had nev­er heard of the first two vari­eties. As for the third one, I believe that the only Boy­sen­ber­ry any­thing I’ve ever had was the syrup at IHOP, which was just anoth­er sug­ary-sweet blueish coloured and sticky liquid.

The Tay­ber­ry, accord­ing to Wikipedia is a cross between a Logan­ber­ry and a rasp­ber­ry. It is a long-ish berry, big­ger and more cone shaped than a rasp­ber­ry, and the ripest ones were said to be dark pur­ple. It tast­ed a bit sour, but milder than a black­ber­ry. As for the Mer­rion Berry, (not only is it sim­i­lar in name to the Coke-snort­ing may­or of Wash­ing­ton DC, but accord­ing to Google it’s also the name of an Adult Film Star who’s cred­its include “The Oral Adven­tures of Craven Moore­head”). Oth­er than that, as Jon Stew­art says, ‘I got nothing.”

We got back at about 3:30, and had some late lunch (we were starv­ing). Tonight I’ll try mak­ing a dessert with some of the berries, with­out being too fussy as to which is which. I’m think­ing of using my Blue­ber­ry Buck­ler recipe, as this par­tic­u­lar fruit dish reminds me of sum­mers at the Walden School in Vermont/New Hamp­shire, where I’ve always assumed this dish hails from.