A Very Big Beach

We got an invi­ta­tion to join some friends of ours for a pic­nic on the beach last week­end. Actu­al­ly, the invi­ta­tion said “Jeri­cho Beach/Spanish Banks”.

If you park in Span­ish Banks, Jeri­cho Beach can be a long way off. In fact, we parked (got a ride there with Matt and Oana, who we had invit­ed to join us) and start­ed walk­ing, call­ing peri­od­i­cal­ly by cell phone to try and locate our oth­er friends. “We’re near…let’s see…a red and white Cana­di­an Flag Umbrel­la”, they said. (Matt and I agreed that she might as well have said “We’re near a blade of grass”) About an hour lat­er, we reached the right pic­nic blan­ket, which was indeed at the edge of the Span­ish Banks. I guess I’ve learned that if you take a short bus ride or dri­ve to Jeri­cho Beach (which is just a lit­tle beyond Kit­si­lano Beach), you can walk along beach-front for what appears to be a cou­ple of miles. It nev­er seems to end! I got a lit­tle sun­burned, but not too badly.

For the pic­nic, I brought paté and cheese I had picked up at Granville Island, as well as fruit, some bread and crack­ers. Pam brought olives as well as some stuffed grape leaves. Matt and Oana stopped at Mein­hardt’s (a very nice high-end food store not too far from us) and brought oth­er good food. I guess the only thing we were miss­ing was Cham­pagne (actu­al­ly, in this heat, alco­hol would have dehy­drat­ed us, not to men­tion car­ry­ing the bot­tles and keep­ing them cold!) Lat­er we played Boc­ci ball, and Pam and I briefly dipped our toes in the Pacif­ic (which was still pret­ty chilly). The beach was crowd­ed, but as some­one com­ment­ed, every­body in these mul­ti­tudes ‘got along’; No one tried to sell us any­thing or both­er us, few peo­ple smoked, and there seemed to be enough room for the thou­sands there on a warm and sun­ny sum­mer after­noon of a hol­i­day week­end. I think we’ll make anoth­er vis­it to the beach some time before the sea­son is over, but I have to admit, I feel like I’ve seen more sand and surf here then any­where else I’ve lived.

Tomor­row we’re going on anoth­er sum­mer out­ing. This time it will be some berry-pick­ing to the south of us (not that far south, because we’ll be stay­ing on the Cana­di­an side of the bor­der) in Steveston.

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  1. David, Span­ish Banks at the far end is very dif­fer­ent when the tide is out. For that mat­ter is it always inter­est­ing to get the tide chart when head­ing out there or White Rock. Just being in that salty wind com­ing from the water is ide­al. 3rd Beach at Stan­ley Park is anoth­er neat place. There you have those huge cedar trees behind the beach so when you walk there the salt water wind amongst the trees is again mem­o­rable. Fun­ny how things stick in your mind about cer­tain places.
    We are off to Europe this sum­mer. You just have to love those cheese shops there!

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