The Check Was in the Mail

If you’ve read this blog for a while, one of the threads that was left hang­ing was our claim on the dam­ages of some of our fur­ni­ture and belong­ings when we moved here. After near­ly a year, that fate­ful day had arrived when we’d see the enve­lope arrive in our mail­box with our names on it from the mov­ing com­pa­ny, a state­ment of what of our claim they were will­ing to repay in it, along with, of course, a check (or since we’re in Cana­da, a cheque).

Not quite. It’s not that they did­n’t agree that they had crushed a beau­ti­ful cof­fee table, or that they had bent a set of met­al racks for MIDI equip­ment so that they had to be dis­card­ed as junk. No, that was all in order. What was amiss was that the enve­lope was open (per­haps steamed) and the check that they claimed was enclosed was nowhere to be found. We called the com­pa­ny and left a mes­sage, telling them that the check was miss­ing, to please stop pay­ment on it (there was no num­ber, so we had to tell them only what we knew), and to please cut us a new one. It’s hard to believe that after all this time, we find our­selves still wait­ing, this time because they could­n’t think of a more secure way to send mon­ey to us than a plain enve­lope and a loose check.