A Site for a Good Cause in Record Time

Glam Day Thumb

On May 12th (rough­ly a month from now) peo­ple all over Van­cou­ver won’t be dress­ing for ‘Casu­al Fri­day’. (In a town that some­times appears to me to be per­pet­u­al­ly in sports­wear mode, going any less for­mal on Fri­day is some­thing I’m not sure I want to con­tem­plate any­way). As part of a fund-rais­er for Ovar­i­an Can­cer Cana­da, a small (and grow­ing) sup­port group and edu­ca­tion­al non-prof­it, women and men will dress up that day, wear­ing “the dia­met­ric oppo­site of wear­ing jeans to work”. Glam Day, as the lit­er­a­ture puts it, will let us all “Fight ovar­i­an can­cer and be fabulous!”.

What I have to do with this orga­ni­za­tion and event is that two cowork­ers and I worked on the web site for glamday.ca. Ovar­i­an Can­cer of Cana­da is a pro-bono client of the com­pa­ny we work for. We’re all pret­ty proud of a site that I think looks good and works well. What’s more, it was con­ceived, built, and launched all with­in less than a week. Here’s to web devel­op­er Matt Ben­ning and graph­ic design­er Edmund Arceo for a ‘fab­u­lous’ job. This is Glam Day’s first year. I bet that next year it will be real­ly big. Think plat­form heels and dia­mond tiara big.