OK, One Meme Post Before I Sleep…

I don’t usu­al­ly do this sort of post, but it did sound like an inter­est­ing idea, at least on the face of it.

From friend and fel­low blog­ger Tin­foil­ing
The Book Meme:

  1. Grab the near­est book. 
  2. Open it to page 161. 
  3. Find the fifth sentence. 
  4. Post the text of this sen­tence in your jour­nal along with these instructions. 
  5. Don’t search around and look for the coolest book you can find. Do what’s actu­al­ly next to you.

My results? From the clos­est book to my desk, “About Face” The Essen­tials of User Inter­face Design by Alan Coop­er (The “Father of Visu­al Basic”):

If you rec­og­nize that in many cas­es the user will not even be con­cious­ly (or uncon­cious­ly) aware of the exis­tence of the dae­mon­ic pro­gram, it becomes obvi­ous that reports about sta­tus of that pro­gram can be quite dis­lo­cat­ing if not pre­sent­ed in an appro­pri­ate context.

Well, that was­n’t ter­ri­bly enlight­en­ing. But then again, ran­dom­ness is only ran­dom­ly illu­mi­nat­ing. I guess it shows what type of books are typ­i­cal­ly near my com­put­er, and what a typ­i­cal sen­tence inside one of them is.

Maybe I need more poet­ry books with­in reach.

7 Replies to “OK, One Meme Post Before I Sleep…”

  1. Now I real­ly am dis­turbed. Your quote is some­thing we were dis­cussing at length last week at work(well not the exact quote but the inabil­i­ty of dae­mons to pro­duce some­thing that says “It worked, it did­nt’ work, I am still try­ing”) to indi­vid­u­als who have a tough time even under­stand­ing daemons. 

    Randomness…maybe it is just every­one is the same but the lens­es are different.

    I got­ta go to bed and rest now.

  2. Not relat­ed to this post I would just like to wel­come you to Cana­da. It must be frus­trat­ing after dis­tanc­ing your­self from Bush you have to put up with that oth­er idiot Stephen Harp­er. Sor­ry about that.

  3. Old joke from Bible class. Min­is­ter says that if you want holy inspi­ra­tion, close your eyes, open your Bible, run fin­ger down page and read the pas­sage where it stops. A guy goes home, does this, and gets a pas­sage that reads, “and Judas went and hanged him­self.” Yikes! he thinks — maybe I bet­ter try again. Clos­es eyes, opens Bible at anoth­er page, runs fin­ger downs page and gets…“go thou and do likewise.”

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