I Still Love Vermont

This just in from the Asso­ci­at­ed Press:

Ver­mont Town Calls For Bush Impeachment
POSTED: 9:06 pm EST March 7, 2006

NEWFANE, Vt. — A small town is urg­ing Ver­mon­t’s only con­gress­man to file arti­cles of impeach­ment against Pres­i­dent George W. Bush.

Vot­ers gath­ered for New­fane’s annu­al town meet­ing Tues­day to con­duct rou­tine busi­ness and vote on the impeach­ment call, which passed 121–29.

The impeach­ment item says Bush mis­led the nation into the Iraq war and engaged in ille­gal domes­tic spying.

A jus­tice of the peace said that the town is run by what he calls the “far-left.”

But a local teacher said she can’t tell stu­dents “that what hap­pens on the nation­al lev­el does­n’t affect us at the local level.”

U.S. Rep. Bernie Sanders, an inde­pen­dent who gen­er­al­ly votes with the Democ­rats and is run­ning for the Sen­ate, issued a state­ment that says Bush “has been a dis­as­ter for our coun­try” and may have bro­ken the law.

But since Repub­li­cans con­trol Con­gress “it would be imprac­ti­cal to talk about impeach­ment,” Sanders said.

I know there was news last week of young peo­ple leav­ing Ver­mont, so I wor­ry a lit­tle about the future of that won­der­ful place. Nev­er­the­less, every time I hear a sto­ry like this about those old-fash­ioned town hall meet­ings, it rein­forces my view that the Green Moun­tain State is one of the sav­ing graces of the US. Some­times I feel like it’s one of the last.

Accord­ing to Google maps, New­fane is about 103 miles (or about 161 kilo­me­ters) south of our lit­tle plot of land in Wait­s­field. Here are both. From an almost-Ver­mon­ter (in an alter­nate real­i­ty — one of the ones where Bush nev­er made it to the White House, Pam and I are liv­ing there) to the folks in New­fane, thanks. I’m sure that you make at least some Amer­i­cans like me, all over the world, proud.