Near the Business

I just found out from Pam that we are just down the street from a land­mark of sorts in Rock and Roll. 

It’s the Mush­room Stu­dios at 1234 West 6th Avenue. It seems that sev­er­al big hits were record­ed there, includ­ing “Takin’ Care of Busi­ness” by Bach­man Turn­er Over­drive. In lat­er years, Lover­boy, Sarah McLach­lan, Col­in James and Skin­ny Pup­py all record­ed there. The place was built in 1965, and there had been some talk of it being con­vert­ed into con­do­mini­ums, but the new own­er has saved it from the wreck­ing ball, so it will remain a record­ing stu­dio, sur­round­ed by con­dos. Appar­ent­ly, no one has com­plained about the music all these years. An arti­cle in the local news­pa­per said that “It would­n’t be a stretch…to call Mush­room Stu­dios the Abbey Road of Canada”.