Geeking Out

With this week near­ly over, I decid­ed to take a pass on the BC Apple User Group meet­ing. The rain (yes, it’s back, with a vengeance), the bus ride to the south and the fact that I’m just a lit­tle tired kept me away. Any­way, it’s good to have a night home. 

I’m in a nerdy mood, even if I did­n’t go to the User Group Meet­ing. I’m lis­ten­ing to KUSC stream­ing Beethoven’s 7th over the net and the fideli­ty is near­ly as good as I’d get play­ing local­ly. In fact, I’d have to lis­ten real­ly hard to tell.

As I often note, the Net has changed a lot of things, even from my last job. I take some com­fort in see­ing old friends and fam­i­ly in my bud­dy list (I’m using Gaim at work, which like Adi­um for the Mac is a mul­ti-pro­to­col chat client). So I see my AIM bud­dies as well as the MSN and Yahoo users. By the time I get to work it’s already noon on the East coast, so there’s not much over­lap as the day gets lat­er. Still, it’s nice to see every­one there, and occa­sion­al­ly I’ll ping some­one hello.

If I can’t run on a Mac, at least I can make it more Mac-like. I arrange the icons like a Mac (disks on he right, trash can at bot­tom right). I also run Yahoo Wid­get Engine, which, if you set the wid­gets to appear in only ‘Heads Up Dis­play’, mim­ics the Mac OS X Dash­board that I like so much. It all requires a bit more fuss­ing and set­ting up (which I did after-hours) but it works fine and I can get about 80% of the same func­tion­al­i­ty that I get at home includ­ing the weath­er, stocks, web­cam views of the Bur­rard Bridge and Jeri­cho Beach, clocks for the dif­fer­ent time zones, the cur­rent US to Cana­di­an dol­lar lev­el and a few oth­er niceties. I can mount my iDisk, and I can retrieve work mail both at home and at work (no Exchange Serv­er, just plain old POP). It would be great if there was a ver­sion of Omn­i­Graf­fle and Cir­cus Ponies Note­book that ran under Win­dows (or bet­ter yet, they let me have a Mac), but for the time being, it’s not bad at all. Except for Visio. Yuck.

OK. Enough geek talk. Over and out.