It’s Still Raining and Everybody has a Cold

When I got back to work after the hol­i­days, I found out that sev­er­al peo­ple had got­ten sick over the vaca­tion (in fact, one had his entire fam­i­ly sick and even made one trip to the doc­tor’s office). So, I guess it was lucky that I did­n’t get a cold last week or the week before. Of course, in keep­ing with my out-of-synch health these days, I have a cold this week instead. I’m clear­ly not alone. Not only does blog after blog that I read tell of cold suf­fer­ing, but every third com­mer­cial on tonight’s TV has been for cold med­i­cines. The most intrigu­ing one I’ve seen is a euca­lyp­tus tablet that you put in the show­er. Sort of a cross between a bub­ble bath and a vapor­iz­er, I guess.

I’ll bet a lot of peo­ple get a cold this time of year. It’s been rain­ing on and off for about 3 weeks, and it’s due to keep doing it for anoth­er 1 or 2, at least. I know, I know, I was warned. It’s actu­al­ly not both­er­ing me that much. The only real drag is if I hap­pen to be out with­out an umbrel­la when there’s a break. My quo­ta for get­ting caught in a down­pour (and it’s not usu­al­ly that strong) is 2 times in a week. As for the rain quo­ta, we are now just about at the point where the accu­mu­lat­ed pre­cip­i­ta­tion is aver­age for the year, as shown by the chart at the top. The one on the bot­tom shows what it’s been like, and as you can see, it has indeed been rain­ing for 3 weeks (apart from a brief lull of driz­zle right on New Year’s when we were out of town. Doh!)
Van Rainfall
For­tu­nate­ly Pam has­n’t got­ten a cold…yet.

2 Replies to “It’s Still Raining and Everybody has a Cold”

  1. Those euca­lyp­tus things sound like some­thing I’m going to try. I doubt, though, that they will be rea­son­ably priced. Right now, thanks to Mat­t’s sug­ges­tion, I use a few drops of euca­lyp­tus oil in my show­ers in the morn­ing. For about $4–5 a bot­tle that’s last­ed over a month of show­ers, no amount of euca­lyp­tus tablets will make up for that.

  2. You’re prob­a­bly right about the price being ridicu­lous. I tried find­ing them at Shop­per’s Drug Mart on Broad­way today, and the Phar­ma­cist asked me if I’d seen the ad for it on a US chan­nel. I had­n’t thought about where I saw it, but it’s pos­si­ble that it has­n’t been import­ed into Cana­da yet. Using euca­lyp­tus oil toward the same end is a great idea! Where might one find that stuff? Do you driz­zle it on the floor before you start up the water, or is there some oth­er method of get­ting it in there?

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