Happy 2006!

Our vis­it with my broth­er’s fam­i­ly in Seat­tle went by in a whirl. After some Hol­i­day par­ty­ing, shop­ping, and what felt like tons of eat­ing, we returned via Trail­ways bus. The bus trip back was­n’t quite as com­fort­able as the train we took down, but it was fine, and cer­tain­ly beat the expense of a rental car or the tir­ing dri­ve and poten­tial­ly long wait at the bor­der. I’m hop­ing that we can do a repeat trip some time soon, or per­haps they can vis­it us here again.

If felt good to be back, and both Pam and I noticed that it was great to see famil­iar land­marks as the bus start­ed to get near to town.

One More Sur­prise Stat
Since New Year’s Day fell on a week­end day (Sun­day), many peo­ple in the US and Cana­da appar­ent­ly felt cheat­ed out of a hol­i­day. So in some back room, some­one placed a check (or an x) in a box, and lo and behold: Mon­day is anoth­er statu­to­ry hol­i­day (a ‘stat’ for short). I did­n’t know this. In fact, I got up at the usu­al time, took the bus in to work and found the door to the office locked (and no answer to knocks or phone calls; I could even hear all the phones ringing!)

So, I had lunch with Matt (who is back from his vis­it to Lub­bock with Oana) and got caught up. Lat­er, Pam and I did some gro­cery shop­ping, so we’re much bet­ter pre­pared for the week. An extra final vaca­tion day, even if some­what unex­pect­ed, was appreciated.