Checking in. Whew!

It’s about 11:30 and I’ve had 2 crazy days, both with work fol­lowed by events in the evening (Game­lan rehearsal last night, Hol­i­day Par­ty for our Con­do tonight). Hence the lack of time to update this blog.

So, as to the long and short of it, work is OK. Rel­a­tive­ly easy to get to, a very small com­pa­ny (real­ly only about 2 dozen peo­ple), and this is a very strange (make that qui­et) time of year. Still, there are things for me to do. Imme­di­ate goals are to improve the com­pa­ny web site, as part of a major mar­ket­ing push. If I am to have a future with them, they will need to have lots of work com­ing in. To do that, they will need to mar­ket to deci­sion mak­ers, and point them to a web site that they are not embar­rassed about. The cur­rent one has been argued about for about 2–3 years. If I can do any imme­di­ate good, it will be to have my team (3 peo­ple, includ­ing yours tru­ly) get an improved site up by Christ­mas. That gives us less than 2 weeks, but I believe we’ll make it. My cur­rent tasks main­ly are to write copy for the site, as well as write up case stud­ies of all the projects they’ve done so far. This will require inter­views, as well as screen­shots of most of those products

The only down­side to this new job is that the boss came out with his true feel­ings regard­ing the Mac. Not only am I for­bid­den to use one in the office (despite the fact that there is an eMac sit­ting as the sec­ond com­put­er to a pro­gram­mer there who nev­er turns it on), but he real­ly hates them and would like to see even that one dis­pensed with. Appar­ent­ly once in a great while they have to sup­port a Mac for a project. Most of the time, he’d pre­fer to just write them off. I wish I could change his atti­tude, but I fear that may be a lost cause for a long time. For now, work equip­ment is an awful old Dell and a com­bo printer/fax/scanner on the office LAN that prints faint black and white prints, con­trast­ed with what I have at home, which is far bet­ter (iron­ic, isn’t it?). Oh well, on the bright side, this will insure the sep­a­ra­tion of work and home life. Not very much of a chance of tak­ing graph­ics-relat­ed work home, espe­cial­ly if there are Visio files (and I don’t have the Pro­fes­sion­al ver­sion of Omn­i­graf­fle to edit those) for flow charts and the like. I was remind­ed today how much I hate Visio. It is still the worst piece of crap for soft­ware I’ve ever seen. Some­one should tell Microsoft that the Align com­mand stopped being a dia­log box about 10 years ago! At least you can use arrow keys to nudge a graph­ic up, down or side to side. It only took them 5 years to put that in…

I’ll put more in about work as the days go by, but the first impres­sions are not bad. It’s a small, small place, and a lit­tle scary for that rea­son (bet­ter get along with the peo­ple in those 1 1/2 rooms, because there’s no one else!) I’ll also describe the build­ing in more detail as well, as it is a char­ac­ter in the dra­ma as well. Fun­ny, I remem­ber say­ing that about the town of Bed­ford Falls in It’s a Won­der­ful Life, which was on the oth­er day (of course).