I Have a Work Permit!

I’m real­ly tired, so I’m not going to go into too much detail, but we went to the bor­der. We rent­ed a Smart Car, which I’ll write about some time lat­er. Every­one who’s think­ing of get­ting one should dri­ve one. Every­thing went more or less as we expect­ed, except that Pam was unable to get her Work Per­mit this time. Long sto­ry, and it involves a clas­sic Catch-22 that’s worth explain­ing. When I have more ener­gy, I’ll do so. It should be resolved soon, but she’s pret­ty frus­trat­ed, and I would be, too, if I were in her place.

A call came through to our Immi­gra­tion lawyer that the offi­cial who was han­dling my Provin­cial Nom­i­na­tion want­ed to get our case han­dled before the move of the office from Vic­to­ria to else­where, so tomor­row I have to pho­to­copy the Work Per­mit get in touch with Big T Mov­ing & Deliv­ery, at the boss’ spe­cial request. This is very good news. With both the HRSDC Opin­ion and the Provin­cial Nom­i­na­tion (say that three times fast!) in place, the process of get­ting us to Land­ed Immi­grant sta­tus will kick into over­drive. Well, maybe it will be at a brisk walk com­pared to a leisure­ly amble. We’ll see. In 6 months, (that would be…early May, around Moth­er’s Day) we could be Land­ed Immi­grants. All of this less than a year from when we left Cam­bridge, MA!