Hats Off to the Nanowrimo Winners!

Today is the first day of Decem­ber. By corol­lary, that also means that Novem­ber is over. That’s sig­nif­i­cant, because two of my friends made the end-of-Novem­ber dead­line for ‘Nation­al Nov­el Writ­ing Month’ (also known as Na-No-Wri-Mo. It is sup­posed to be pro­nounced Nah-Know-Rye-Moe, but I always pro­nounced it Nah-Know-Ree-Moe). Whichev­er way you pro­nounce it, it’s the idea that dur­ing the month of Novem­ber, you have to write a nov­el of at least 50,000 words. It can be in any style, but it has to be writ­ten in the month of Novem­ber, and fin­ished by the end of the month. Despite the ‘Nation­al’ mon­ick­er, it takes place all over the world, includ­ing Cana­da. Here in Van­cou­ver, Matt and Oana both fin­ished their nov­els. Con­grat­u­la­tions are def­i­nite­ly in order. 

I always like hang­ing out with smart, cre­ative people.

So, a tip of my hat to both of them, along with a lit­tle Pho­to­shop-style daydream:
Matt Ghosts
Oana Brains

(Apolo­gies for use of any copy­right­ed mate­r­i­al — if there are any objec­tions to these, I’ll remove them. No offense or theft is intended)

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