Showtime is Off Limits to Me

I found out some­thing fas­ci­nat­ing when I tried to find out about an upcom­ing Show­time Net­work ‘Mas­ters of Hor­ror’ that appar­ent­ly makes a not-too-sub­tle jibe at Ann Coul­ter (the Right Wing’s Queen of Ven­om). If you’re not in the Unit­ed States, any page on the Show­time web site looks like this: (click on this graph­ic to see the full size page I see).
SorryAppar­ent­ly Show­time has infor­ma­tion that it does­n’t want for­eign­ers like me to see, I guess. I’m dis­ap­point­ed. A show that used to air on Show­time was among my favourites: ‘Dead Like Me’, which is now show­ing on Mon­day nights here on the (basic cable) Show­case chan­nel. It was also shot here, and I’m now watch­ing it to see when I can pick out scene loca­tions. Dead Like Me was abrupt­ly can­celled because (as I learned lat­er) new own­ers of Show­time hat­ed the show, which was a real shame. It had some of the most inter­est­ing ideas, a great and quirky musi­cal score, a very appeal­ing actress as the lead (Ellen Muth), and Mandy Patinkin, who is one of those actors who I could watch read the phone book and love every minute of it. 

Allo. My name is Ini­go Mon­toya. You killed my father, pre­pare to die.
(Ring a bell?)