A Kindred Sentiment on DailyKos

I rarely quote any­thing 100%, but this is so great and so elo­quent (and short enough), that I felt it need­ed to be repro­duced in toto:

An open letter to George W. Bush

Dear Mr. President,I call you Mr. Pres­i­dent even though I don’t believe you won either elec­tion in 2000 or 2004.

How­ev­er, you’re the pres­i­dent. And you’re doing a heck of a job of it, the way your boy Michael Brown did a heck of a job as FEMA direc­tor for New Orleans after Hur­ri­cane Katrina.

I nev­er sup­port­ed you. I nev­er thought you were qual­i­fied and I thought Al Gore was well qual­i­fied. He rep­re­sent­ed every­thing you did not: intel­li­gent, curi­ous, deter­mined to rein­vent gov­ern­ment to make it serve the peo­ple bet­ter even as the bud­get deficits Pres­i­dent Clin­ton inher­it­ed turned into the largest sur­plus in history.

The elec­tion of you end­ed that. As The Onion said, our long nation­al night­mare of peace and pros­per­i­ty end­ed with the Supreme Court’s selec­tion of you in 2000. Deep in your heart, you know the nation did not pick you and most Amer­i­cans did not want you.

But we’re stuck with you for three more years.

And let’s be hon­est, you’re stuck with the mess you’ve made for three more years.

Three more years of dis­as­ter. Every­thing you touched has turned foul.

You’ve brought dis­hon­or on the coun­try. And the world is let­ting you know it. Peo­ple that loved Amer­i­ca on Sep­tem­ber 11, peo­ple that sur­round­ed our embassies to form human shields to show their sup­port for our nation, peo­ple who lit can­dles and sang the Star Span­gled Ban­ner and pro­claimed loud­ly that they too were New York­ers, now despise us.

As well they should. We’ve not been the shin­ing bea­con on the hill as in the past, unless it’s a warn­ing bea­con on top of a pile of bones.

Do you real­ly want this job any longer? Seri­ous­ly, life has always been easy for you and as my friend Mike expressed so elo­quent­ly the oth­er day, being the Worst Pres­i­dent Ever is hard work.

I want to help you. I want to give you advice on how to get out of your predictament.

Walk away from the job.

And you can do it in a way that will restore integri­ty and hon­or to your name.

Walk to Patrick Fitzger­ald’s office. Ask him to bring out a tape recorder. And then begin talking.

Con­fes­sion is good for the soul, and you, Mr. Pres­i­dent, need to remove the taint that stains your soul. Con­fes­sion can be cleans­ing and it can help you on the path to healing.

Tell him every­thing. I sus­pect — and I guess most of us sus­pect — that the deci­sion to out Valerie Plame as a covert CIA oper­a­tive did­n’t come from Karl Rove or Scoot­er Lib­by or even Dick Cheney.

It fits the kind of thing you did for your father’s campaigns.

Ambas­sador Wil­son attacked your admin­is­tra­tion’s ratio­nale for war. And you want­ed to be a war pres­i­dent and you did­n’t want any­one to ques­tion that. Of course you attacked back. It’s what you do, whether it’s Ambas­sador Wil­son or Al Hunt or John Ker­ry or even your own father when you were a young man.

So own up to it. Con­fess. And then resign. You can return to your ranch and begin clear­ing brush. I’m sure it’s good brush clear­ing weath­er down there. Clear­ing brush is so clean and sim­ple. No fam­i­lies to meet with when you’ve cut down a brush at the prime of its life.

No, for your sake and the nation’s, con­fess and resign and go home. Just walk away.

And take Dick Cheney with you.



Here’s the orig­i­nal diary entry. I think it’s absolute­ly bril­liant, and they speak for me as well.