Back Up and Running

Well, the G5 is back, and I’ve near­ly fin­ished re-installing the soft­ware. It was clogged up from so many upgrades, soft­ware pack­ages, patch­es, cus­tomiza­tions, hacks, etc. that it final­ly just refused to load the desk­top. Since I’m not some­one who lives in the UNIX com­mand-line world (or at least, not in a very long time), and for some rea­son the bootable exter­nal dri­ve I had was­n’t (have to make one of those), the tech at the shop sim­ply rein­stalled the sys­tem. How­ev­er, he said that I still had a lot of crud on the sys­tem, so the best thing to do was back every­thing up, wipe the dri­ve clean and rein­stall the sys­tem from scratch. I’ve done that, and all that remains to be installed are some graph­ic soft­ware (Pho­to­shop, Fire­works) and a few oth­er odds and ends. Near­ly every­thing works (except Palm Sync and the Scan­ner), but I’ll have that going soon. In the mean­time, it’s almost like hav­ing a new computer!

I’m look­ing for­ward to the first vis­it by my par­ents, along with my broth­er and his fam­i­ly next week­end. Hope­ful­ly it won’t rain the whole time, but I’m not count­ing on that. When sum­mer comes, they’ll per­haps come back for a vis­it when the weath­er is better.

Déjà vu from the 70’s
A very inter­est­ing head­line from CNN and Reuters today: “Bush Declares: ‘We Do Not Tor­ture’ “. Is it just me, or does­n’t that sound an awful lot like Dick Nixon’s ‘I am not a crook’ protes­ta­tion? Fun­ny, that was in Novem­ber too, in 1973 — the Wash­ing­ton Post has it in their archives. There is more than a hint of des­per­a­tion when a politi­cian exclaims a neg­a­tive. No crooks here. Nope. No tor­ture going on there.

The alleged crook/torturer doth pro­fess too much, methinks.

Note that by July of 1973, Nixon was embroiled in many scan­dals. This polit­i­cal car­toon by Herblock of that era also feels eeri­ly famil­iar. Just replace some of the text and you could recy­cle it wholesale:

2005 vs 1973