One More Thing About the First Tuesday in November

Today is also an Anniver­sary of sorts.

Depend­ing on how you count it, one year ago, either today or in 2 days (date rather than day), George Bush, through what­ev­er means were employed, won the elec­tion. I remem­ber arriv­ing home exhaust­ed after work­ing to get out the vote in New Hamp­shire (which we won back, damnit! ). I called and left word with my broth­er in Seat­tle to call if the news was good. When I awoke the next morn­ing to the clock radio, I knew even before the NPR announc­er got to the end of his first sen­tence how the elec­tion had gone. Pam and I turned to each oth­er, and before we’d even opened our eyes, we knew what we had to do: Plan B. Our lives had tak­en the turn that end­ed up with us here, on a dif­fer­ent coast, in a dif­fer­ent coun­try. Every­thing was put into motion a year ago, in that moment.

Just thought I’d take notice.