A Walk by the Seawall

Park Bench
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We took advan­tage of a sun­ny fall after­noon to walk across the Bur­rard Bridge (less pre­car­i­ous look­ing than the Granville Bridge which is clos­er to home). False Creek was look­ing very autum­nal, with gold-tinged sun­shine and a sur­pris­ing amount of col­or­ful leaves. Sev­er­al con­tain­er ships were in a pret­ty Impres­sion­is­tic fog on the hori­zon. Still, it was warm enough to walk with just a light jacket.

I often notice the inscrip­tions on park bench­es — some­times cel­e­brat­ing a grad­u­a­tion or engage­ment, but more like­ly a sort of every­man’s mon­u­ment. Some are pompous, but many are very sweet. The two I like best so far are one that reads ‘Anoth­er day in par­adise’, which is what the per­son who was being com­mem­o­rat­ed prob­a­bly said when they sat on that bench. I also liked this one. (Please sit & enjoy one of his favourite views).