A Couple of Milestones, and Upcoming Events

We heaved a sigh of relief when we got the news that the Pur­chase and Sale Agree­ment for our house was signed by our buy­er in Cal­i­for­nia. They had been ask­ing many ques­tions about our place (what shape was the roof in, was the park­ing place offi­cial­ly deed­ed to the house, was there proof of this, etc.) All rea­son­able ques­tions, but as the sort­ing out of all this dragged on, we wait­ed and wait­ed, made small repairs where it seemed appro­pri­ate, and ner­vous­ly con­tem­plat­ed the pos­si­bil­i­ty that things might not work out…but they did.

Our offer on the place in Van­cou­ver sub­se­quent­ly reached a mile­stone as well. With the sale of our Cam­bridge house now a cer­tain­ty, we could remove the clause that required that from our con­tract to buy the place in Van­cou­ver, which we prompt­ly did, as was sup­posed to hap­pen. The folks in Cal­i­for­nia sent their check to the bank here, and we sent a check (actu­al­ly wired it) of near­ly the same amount (although in Cana­di­an, so it was less), to Cana­da. Done and done. Every­body moves a lit­tle clos­er to com­ple­tion. The buy­ers are buy­ing this town­house for their son, who is going live here when he attends MIT. Lucky kid. Hope he does­n’t have too many wild par­ties here. I know, it’s not my place any more, but I still feel con­nect­ed to it, and prob­a­bly will, for a while. After all, we lived here 15 years.

So what remains?

The Big Mov­ing Away Sale, of course!

Like they say, every­thing must go. We are sell­ing off any­thing that’s heavy and replace­able. That means the TV, microwave, carts that they sit on, and many oth­er small (and cheap) pieces of fur­ni­ture, old pots and pans, and oth­er house­wares. I’m even sell­ing off the desk that this com­put­er is sit­ting on, hop­ing that I’ll be able to do with­out it the last week or so that we are here.

But wait, there’s more…

In between the mov­ing away sale and the move itself, we’re actu­al­ly going to be in France. Yup, you read that right. My par­ents have arranged a week for the whole extend­ed fam­i­ly in a place that’s “…nes­tled qui­et­ly beneath the ram­parts of the ancient, for­ti­fied city of St. Paul de Vence, over­look­ing the Mediter­ranean, the Cap d’An­tibes, and the Alpes Mar­itimes …”, We all get to stay togeth­er in a Vil­la on the French Riv­iera! Noth­ing but art, eat­ing, soak­ing up the sun­shine, tour­ing goat cheese farms and per­fume fac­to­ries, chat­ting and relax­ing with my par­ents, my cousins, my aunt, and my broth­er and his fam­i­ly. What bet­ter way to recharge one’s bat­ter­ies and gain strength from fam­i­ly before strik­ing out on our own in a new coun­try! Offi­cial­ly, this is to cel­e­brate a num­ber of things: my par­ents, my broth­er and I all have big num­ber anniver­saries, my aunt has a big birth­day, and I’m sure I’ve for­got­ten some oth­er thing we are cel­e­brat­ing. Pam and I will do our best to, as my moth­er puts it “Hide your head in the sand like an ostrich”, for­get­ting about all of the details that are on our minds. Who can argue with that? It may sound crazy to go on a vaca­tion just before we move, but this may very well be the best way of guard­ing against lone­li­ness in our new home/city/country(!) armed with fresh mem­o­ries of fam­i­ly in one of the most beau­ti­ful and lux­u­ri­ous places on earth.

The movers gave as a date, (short­ly after we return) so we know that we’ll be on the road for awhile before our new house across the con­ti­nent is ours, much less any of our fur­ni­ture and oth­er items are in it. So for a while dur­ing that peri­od, I’ll be writ­ing this blog from the road. It sure is going to be an inter­est­ing 60 days or so!