The movers gave us a tip: No liq­uids in the mov­ing van (if any­thing breaks or leaks it can ruin stuff). But espe­cial­ly, no alco­hol. I had heard about lim­its as to how much alco­hol you can take into Cana­da from the US. Appar­ent­ly even a lit­tle on a mov­ing van sends off red alarm bells amongst the cus­toms offi­cers. So, what do you do when you have about 6 weeks before you are going to move, and you have 2 well-stocked cab­i­nets of every­thing from vod­ka, gin, scotch (includ­ing about 3 bot­tles of good sin­gle malt), rum, tequi­la, vin­tage port, and about 2 dozen bot­tles of wine rang­ing from cheap stuff (or as they call it in Britain, plonk) to some very nice bordeaux?

You can’t very well drink it all!

That was my liv­er talk­ing. For­tu­nate­ly I have cousins who can store it for me, as well as get it down to Bal­ti­more to my par­ents, who can then take the stuff, maybe a half a dozen or so bot­tles at a time, to my broth­er in Seat­tle. From there, we can get it across the bor­der in small batch­es. At this rate we’ll have the con­tents of our liquor cab­i­net back in… 5 years! At any rate, we met my cousins in New­ton, where they hap­pened to be while one of them was in town for a busi­ness meet­ing. Moved box­es from car trunk to car trunk in pour­ing rain. Bye bye Grey Goose, Mak­er’s Mark and Blue Sapphire.

Hor­rif­ic weath­er today. High winds, rain, and cold (about 9 C, 48 F). I need a drink. Doh!