Lighten Up

Due to dire weath­er fore­casts (which were, of course, incor­rect as usu­al), the MIT Flea was pret­ty light­ly attend­ed, both by sell­ers and buy­ers. Too bad it was our last one. So, as Mr. Eliot says, ‘not with a bang but a whim­per’. We sold enough to cov­er the entry fee, but not as much as we would have liked to. We keep culling our paper­backs; Pam is much bet­ter than I at this (I want to hold on to too many of them). Think lighter. Think lean­er. Think small rooms and even less stor­age than here (well, maybe the same, if you count the stor­age in the garage that we haven’t seen yet).

We have two mov­ing com­pa­nies (our tar­get is three) com­ing out to give us esti­mates this week. We keep vac­il­lat­ing on what fur­ni­ture we’ll take. There is a core group of items — the bed, the din­ing room table and chairs, the liv­ing room couch and chairs. After that, a lot of books, the cut­lery, dish­es and glass­es, the com­put­er equip­ment and print­er, and the art, it gets dici­er. Some­times an item is on the truck, some days it’s off.

We keep going back and forth on how we’re going to make the final trek our­selves. Will it be rental car or take our unre­li­able Bee­tle on one last trip across Cana­da? Fly togeth­er or sep­a­rate­ly? I swear, we must have run through every per­mu­ta­tion and vari­a­tion of the these. We debate and dis­cuss ad nau­se­am the fin­er points of dri­ving ver­sus the time in motels saved on one flight. If only it weren’t so tricky to get so much stuff moved so far!

The Econ­o­mist came out with their 2004 Rank­ings with every­thing from Corn pro­duc­tion to the Divorce rate of most coun­tries in the world, using resources from sites as for this. It’s a fas­ci­nat­ing lit­tle book­let. Of par­tic­u­lar inter­est was their best cities to live. Num­ber 1 city in the world to live? Zurich, Switzer­land. Num­ber 2 city? Gene­va, Switzer­land. If Fon­due and Cuck­oo clocks don’t agree with you, the third city, Num­ber 3 as the best city in the world to live is our des­ti­na­tion: Van­cou­ver, British Colum­bia. Don’t tell, OK? Would­n’t want it to get too crowd­ed and ruin our fun.