Let’s Get This Show On the Road

My friend in Van­cou­ver, Matt points out that the name for the con­fer­ence that I’m going to attend in Van­cou­ver next week, Mas­sive Tech Expo, is real­ly akin to call­ing it The Best Con­fer­ence Ever. I also sug­gest­ed that a good name (with an homage to Woody Allen’s ‘What’s Up Tiger Lily’) is to call it Con­fer­ence so Good It Would Make You Plotz (after the Chick­en Sal­ad Recipe from the afore­men­tioned movie).

At any rate, here’s hop­ing that it’s going to be worth our while to fly across the con­ti­nent main­ly for one day of net­work­ing (although I hope to par­lay that into some more than 12 hours). What­ev­er it is, I learned that not only will it once again be rain­ing non-stop next week, but accord­ing to Matt (via IM), ‘Feb­ru­ary and March in gen­er­al have been beau­ti­ful; maybe 3 rainy days in each.’. The only thing I can say to that is a hearty Homer Simp­son ‘Doh!!’

Next stop, Vancouver…